Dating sw revolvers

I acquired an old s&w revolver to build a bullseye pistol but it appears that it is older than i first thought it is a 4 barrel, round butt, four screw sideplate it has the old style hammer and trigger it has no markings except the s&w logo on the sideplate, and the serial number 16500 stamped on the butt i think is is a victory model, but i am not sure. Skate of the top 10 best intro sites, dating my smith and wesson revolver free source for online dating dating dsting dating my smith and wesson revolver read our ages and find the best one to meet her who is designed. S&w date of mfg is there a web site that will let me research dates of manufacture for my smiths' secondly, i have an older mod 10 snubby that i would like to rebarrel to a 4 hb. The nice man @s&w factory took about 10 seconds to find that out he said that they have no record of selling the revolver to the lacpwo only that it was shipped to a ca distributer in '74 free dixie,sw.

Today, smith & wesson is mostly known for revolvers and their growing line of m&p pistols despite the rapidly growing popularity of these polymer-framed striker fired semi-auto pistols, there’s also a lot of buzz around the former metal-framed s&w pistols that were discontinued a few years ago. Stay in the know get updates on products, news and events subscribe → please enter a valid email address. Hello, i just inherited an old smith and wesson revolver from my grandfather i've been digging around and believe that i have a model 1903 32 long hand ejector. For $50 smith & wesson will provide a very nicely done letter worthy of display for your revolver with the date of manufacture mine is in the 946xx range and if i remember correctly was manufactured in 1943.

Most s&w 38 special revolvers can handle +p ammo, but the +p designation doesn’t appear on the barrel of some older models so it’s always best to contact s&w customer service and verify that it’s safe. Dating a dan wesson revolver, smith & wesson revolver manufacture dates, smith wesson serial numbers manufacture date click on a term to search for related topics thread tools: show printable version email this page display modes: linear mode switch to hybrid mode. My smith & wesson model 10-6 with a 4 heavy duty barrel, purchased new in 1973, has a serial number in the 758xxx range i'm having difficulty understanding how your model 10-5 with an earlier serial number could have been manufactured up to two years after mine was. However, it is not uncommon to find some magnum revolvers having just a pinned barrel or a recessed cylinder, but not both, these are known as transitional guns and have a small following, even. The scsw is the way to go one thing i will mention is even this won't provide a date of manufacture s&w indicates the date a firearm was shipped, not manufactured this is why certain serial numbers on older guns sometimes show them as shipping after a newer gun.

Hello, new member with a question i just bought a us revolver co 32 break open, 5 shot, sounds just like the revolver described at the top of this thread i would like to know the year of manufacture and what kind of ammo to use (black power smokeless) serial number under the grip is a28408, number under triger guard is 28408. This is a discussion on date of smith & wesson 10-5 within the pistols & revolvers forums, part of the pistol & revolver forum category would someone be able to look up the shipping date on a smith & wesson model 10-5 for me serial number is 3d284xx. Dating a smith & wesson model 66 discussion in 'smith & wesson' started by ballbearing, sep 6, 2012.

Dating sw revolvers

Dating a s&w please note that this list is a general guide and not meant to be exact there is some dispute regarding the dates on some serial numbers and your gun may actually be a year off from what is listed. Thread: s&w revolversso many model numbersanything to help tell the difference linkback linkback url about linkbacks smith and wesson dating charts, smith and wesson serial number catalog, smith and wesson serial number chart, smith and wesson standard catalog pdf. Dating a smith & wesson revolver: this list is merely a general guide and not meant to be exact there is some dispute regarding the dates on some serial numbers. As of march 2011, smith & wesson offers approximately 110 different pistols of varied designs and features examine the barrel of the smith & wesson pistol locate either smith & wesson, springfield, massachusetts or smith & wesson houlton, me stamped on the barrel.

  • There is nothing on the internet that i'm aware of i and most other s&w fans have a copy of the standard catalog of smith & wesson (now on it's third edition) which also contains serial number/dates so, as tamara said, if you provide the model number and first few digits of the serial number we can give you the dob.
  • Dating s&w revolvers, how to date s&w revolver, revolvers rechambered to 9mm, s+and+w revolver, sgammocom snakeshot, smith and wesson 38 special ctg hogue grips, smith and wesson liberty revolver, warning due to increased ammunition costs we will no longer fire a warning shot.

Re: help dating s&w model 36 standard catalog of smith and wesson is the bible and source book of s&w's the serial number on s&w wheel guns is found on the bottom butt strap of your gun. The 32 regulation police is chambered to use either 32 s&w or 32 s&w long cartridges one can also use 32 colt new police cartridges, but they haven't been made in many years 32 short colt and 32 long colt are something else and won't work in s&w revolvers. Taurus revolvers have been widely recognized as the best in the industry for more than seven decades in that time, taurus has pioneered the art of the wheelgun with features like the yoke detent, full length ejector rod and the taurus security system and with guns like the famous taurus raging bull series of hunting handguns. S&w revolvers: 1980 to the present - all non-pinned barrels, the l-frames, and the new era revolvers.

Dating sw revolvers
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